The increased density of 282 g / m2 Glass 16/2 PE – 0.55 kopecks.
The increased density of 282 g / m2 Glass 22/2 PE – 0.70 kopecks.


For the first time in Ukraine, Mayak-Kap LLC presents new double-layer glasses of its own production “Bubble” – with the effect of air bubbles.

The glass is pleasant to the touch, made from durable, moisture-resistant cardboard, with excellent thermal insulation properties, designed for hot and cold drinks. Glasses of standard colors and sizes 285 ml, 330 ml, 425 ml are always available in our warehouse.

The new glass “Bubble” perfectly maintain the temperature of the drink, has a presentable appearance and fits any interior. There is the possibility of manufacturing glasses with individual printing and logo.

Disposable paper cups for coffee wholesale

LLC “Mayak-Cup” offers to buy paper cups wholesale and retail companies in Kiev and throughout Ukraine with delivery, at a reasonable price from the manufacturer. The high quality of our products will appeal to your customers. A wide range of cardboard cups with lids for tea and coffee makes it possible to choose the best packaging option for your outlet. Our production manufactures paper cups, the price of which will be beneficial not only for large retail chains, but also for private entrepreneurs.

We offer our customers:

  • favorable prices
  • convenient forms of payment
  • efficiency of order fulfillment,
  • a wide range of products of European quality,
  • delivery throughout Ukraine.

For the organization of office events you will also need paper cups, which you can buy at retail in small batches. You can order the standard white version or with cups with a thematic pattern or logo of your company. You can place an order in any way convenient for you. We accept applications online and by phone. We work both wholesale and retail throughout Ukraine. In our assortment you will find paper cups for drinks, first and second courses, as well as desserts. All products are made of high-quality imported material on specialized equipment, more information, which can be found on the page “About the Company”

The plant “Mayak-Cup” is a specialized company for the serial production and sale of disposable paper cups, packaging for ice cream, popcorn, cereals. Disposable cardboard cups are presented in an assortment of capacity from 110 ml to 780 ml. According to their characteristics, they are suitable for bottling cold and hot drinks. In paper cups, you can pour coffee, tea, juice, soda and other liquids.

The same assortment is presented with disposable paper dishes for the first and second takeaway dishes with a capacity of 610 ml. Cinema theaters we produce cardboard popcorn cups with a capacity of V24, V32, V46.

Disposable tableware of Mayak-Cup LLC is also used for factory packaging of products sold in retail grocery chains: ice cream, sour cream, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, etc. Production volumes and a wide coverage of areas related to fast food suggest that our company plays an important role in the Ukrainian market.

We sell wholesale branded cardboard cups with high-quality printing. Many Kiev businessmen have already appreciated this service. Do not forget about ancillary products. We have cups with lids, agitators and thermal belts. We produce paper cups for drinks with tight lids for tea, coffee and with lids for cold drinks with tubules.
We value our business partners and therefore we offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation on an ongoing basis.

More than three hundred meters of cardboard cartridges per minute, more than a million paper cups per day, more than five million US dollars of investment is an investment and technical platform created by Mayak-Kap LLC in Ukraine.

We have 4 high-speed lines of the eminent US manufacturer PMC (Paper Machinery Corporation), working around the clock, fulfilling orders from our customers in a short time. High performance ensures a two-week production time for any order entering our sales department.

The raw material for the production of disposable paper cups is the wood-free cardboard of the Finnish company Stora Enso, a company with a centuries-old, successful reputation as a supplier of the highest quality materials.

Flexography is applied on the LEGAT-500 using food colors of the German supplier Michael Huber.

Mayak-Kap LLC complies with the most stringent requirements of the European Union for sanitation and production hygiene. For all products, including lids for cups, there are necessary sanitary and hygienic certificates, quality certificates.

Products are regularly tested for defects, which allows us to supply products only of guaranteed high quality. All products are packed in a sealed package, which allows to prevent contact with the external environment.

The storage temperature and the required humidity are maintained in warehouses.

Our clients