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About Us

The company “Mayak-Cup” produces paper cups for coffee and other beverages for over ten years, using only quality equipment and materials. The infrastructure of our plant meets all European requirements for manufacturers of this segment of food packaging. Our production is equipped with high-performance and reliable equipment of one of the world leaders in this area and currently we have 4 American-made molding machines from PMC (Paper Machinery Corporation, USA, Milwaukee) with consolidated value, including various additional equipment of more than $ 5,000,000. This technical platform allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of sizes of cardboard cups in the range from 110 to 1 400 ml, and the use of this equipment allows in a short time to produce large volumes of products and provide a stable supply to our customers.

The line of disposable cardboard cups has 12 formats of finished products. The technical potential is more than 300 million cups annually. We are also the owners of a high-quality flexographic, 6-color LEGAT-500 planetary-type machine with a price of $ 110,000, capable of servicing all 4 lines at the same time, working with a sealing speed of 200 meters per minute of cardboard roll.


The raw material for our cups is the premium cardboard of the Finnish company Stora Enso (Finland, Helsinki), which we import according to direct supply contracts on our own and sell in our own production and also sell to other Ukrainian manufacturers of disposable tableware. The Finnish company is a recognized world leader in the production of high-quality specialized cartons and is our reliable supplier. In our warehouse, we constantly keep a 2-3 month stock of cardboard allowing us to provide the necessary level of production, even in case of a sharp increase in demand.

In our production we use a wide range of different densities of cardboard from 199 to 300 g / m2 with one-sided and double-sided polyethylene coating, which allows us to satisfy any technical requirements of our customers. For customers with whom we have signed annual contracts, we provide the service of storing products manufactured by the factory in our warehouses on a free basis and shipping it upon additional requests. That provides additional reliability of supply.

Since our production is an enterprise of a full technical cycle, we do not need to contact third parties, which allows us to minimize the cost price. Since we do not use distribution schemes for the sale of disposable tableware and prefer direct contracts, this fact can also be attributed to our advantages.


Our customers for many years:

– Air carriers: UIA, Windrose

– Gas station: OKKO.

– International: Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Unilever

– HoReCa: Strauss-group, Liberty Ukraine, Jacobs

The company also actively develops international directions, concluding contracts for the supply of disposable paper tableware with the countries of the CIS and the European Union.

In our activity, first of all, we focus on high business qualities, customer service culture, decent quality of our products and long-term, and fruitful, mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers and customers.