• Volume: 425 ml
  • Design: Craft
  • Lamination: One side
  • Density: 247 g/m2
  • Amount in box: 500
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Disposable paper cup 425 ml, made on american equipment PMC (Paper Machinery Corporation). Raw materials consists of clear cellulose from Finland (Stora Enso Oyj) with density 247 g/m2. The inner wall of a cardboard cup is protected by a  polyethylene coating, which allows a cup does not flow and does not leave marks on your things.

All paper glasses has sanitary and hygienic conlusions from the Ministry of Health in Ukraine № 05.03.02-04 / 59023, which confirms the absence of harmful substances in the final product. All disposable cups has a maximum quality, controlled by operators of production and packed in sealed plastic sleeves. Plastic sleeves are packed in corrugated boxes, which record information about production date, shift number, size and design of paper cups, a method of transportation and storage. Secondary packaging protects products from mechanical damage in the course of logistical procedures. Number of cups in a box – 500 pieces.

Disposable cardboard cups made by heat sealing under high pressure without the use of glue or other substances according to specifications 3/8-A-2966-15.

Paper cups are used in places, which offer to take a drink with yourself at sporting events, catering, children’s parties. Printing capabilities Ltd. “Mayak-cup” allow’s to use paper cups as an advertising platform for the promotion of brands, products and services. The paper cup can be poured hot and cold drinks, packaged first and second courses, ice cream, bulk cereals, popcorn, dairy products sealable.

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Dimensions88.1 × 59.2 × 113.2 cm